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It described, among other things, the screening to which job applicants in the United States were subjected, including a lengthy personality test demanding answers to questions such as: "What do you think of your father and mother? The book exposed a system in which ordinary Americans were stacked according to ability, colour and "attitude". The implication was that, should you wish to get on in life, you'd better a talk out of the side of your mouth; b keep your nose clean; c worship the political leadership; d exude patriotic fervour, and e lie about those bowel movements. Mr Mabry avoids unseemly prying, other than to mention that the black child who is George W Bush's secretary of state "never had to go to the bathroom like children do", while emphasising Condi's positive regard for her strict, but loving, parents. The latter were especially careful in the grooming department. In racist Alabama where their only child was born, they eschewed political protest, abhorred the idea of black "victimhood" and toiled single-mindedly upwards and outwards until they passed from the middle class into the "aristocracy" as they came to regard themselves.