Lupus tattoo images. Lupus Wolf butterfly Tattoo |

Lupus tattoo images. Lupus butterfly Tattoo Designs

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Lupus Wolf Butterfly Tattoo - Beautiful Butterfly Picture

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This situation should not be a surprise since the manifestations of lupus are dizzying in their variety and exasperating in their subtlety. Nevertheless, the disturbances that dangerously turn self into non-self remain totally obscure. The image of lupus adds to the confusion, although lupus actually has two competing images. These images, despite their differences, represent lupus's trademarks, its 'brand identity' so to speak. Lupus got its name from the wolf; its usual symbol, however, is the butterfly. I doubt that there are any two species as unlike one another in attitude, color, and emotional resonance as the wolf and the butterfly. Even if a misnomer, the word schizophrenic rightly describes this fierce battle of identity.