Kinds of teeth images. Types of Teeth: Names, Shapes & Functions

Kinds of teeth images. Removable Partial Dentures Front, Back, Upper & Lower Teeth (With Photos)

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Tooth types | Dental Health Foundation

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Financial Aid now available for all day classes. While many of us may not put too much thought into our teeth every day, their importance and function in our daily lives cannot be underestimated. From chewing our food to helping us smile and speak, teeth perform such a vital role in the way we live. However, aside from those studying to become a dental assistant , there are probably few who really critically think about the different types of teeth and the role they play in our lives. Rather than delve into the benefits of oral hygiene , today we wanted to take a closer look into the different types of teeth we have and their use. Yet, many will happily distinguish between the three different types of molars, including premolars and third molars. That leaves us with five different types of teeth.